Polar Wall Plus! Siding Systempolar wall plus vinyl siding

Polar Wall® Plus! is an insulated siding panel system that’s tough, energy-efficient, and performs well in all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

Polar Wall Plus! looks good because it lays flat and straight against a wall–mainly because its thick .044″ panel incorporates an extra heavy-duty double thick nailing hem and ¾” butt called ‘Bearhug®’ that locks panels tight to guard against wind, rain, and anything else Mother Nature has to offer.

Every Polar Wall Plus! panel has foam permanently laminated to the back providing exceptional strength, rigidity and resistance to hail, sound, and an extra layer of insulation to help manage your energy costs. In addition, premium darker colors feature a revolutionary ColorHold® acrylic capstock that provides rich color and is warranted against fade for a lifetime.So, when it’s time to side the exterior of your home, grin and ‘Bear’ it, with Polar Wall Plus!