Our Different Types of Decking:

Composite Deck Material

Vinyl Deck Material

Traditional Wood Decking

Radiance Wood Decking


Radiance Wood Decking


Simply put, Radiance Wood Products are a combination of unsurpassed beauty and protection that is created with a unique combination of science, technology and nature. It is the ultimate combination of beauty, protection and environmental perfection.


Radiance Products are:


Protected against rot and decay without adding chemicals and metals.
Non-toxic — there are no health, disposal or environmental issues
Is naturally brown, giving it a beautiful rich look that is associated with tropical hardwoods
Performance enhanced with an Exclusive Non VOC sealant
Excellent dimensional stability that eliminates many installations hurdles
20-year transferable warranty on rot and decay

Radiance is your natural choice for Decking, Fencing and Siding projects. It’s "Beauty, Protection and Environmental Perfection" all in one. Radiance Thermally Modified Wood Decking begins as naturally cut and dried lumber. Then it undergoes an additional proprietary heat-based process that is chemical-free, which changes the compounds throughout the wood. Then Radiance is further enhanced with an exclusive patented factory-applied sealant that is specifically designed to enhance the beauty of the wood.

The result is a beautiful real wood product that has protection against rot, decay, and the elements without adding any chemicals. We are so confident that you will be pleased with Radiance that we offer a 2-20-year transferable homeowner warranty.

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Composite Decking

Composite decking, railing and fencing have all the natural beauty of wood, but leave behind the rotting and splintering. You won't miss the splinters and neither will your feet. Our materials are also a breeze to maintain, so you'll spend more time relaxing on your deck instead of working on it. What's more, composite decking products won't just improve the look of your home—they'll improve the value.


So go ahead. Kick off your shoes and make yourself at home...outside.


There’s a freedom to being outside. You can laugh louder. Go barefoot. Doze off in the sunlight. In a word, relax. The maintenance problems that come with wood decks don’t come with composite decking. So your time is spent relaxing on your deck, not working on it. Our decking materials never get in the way of outdoor living – we encourage more of it. So take off your shoes and come outside. See just how beautiful your everyday can be!


Our Composite Decking uses patented Coretech engineering. This innovative hollow core I-beam construction yields decking material that is light yet strong and durable. Our Coretech engineering provides a superior alternative to traditional lumber and plastic composite products. Innovative design, less weight, more strength, plus environmentally friendly components make our composite decking material your best choice for all your dock and decking needs.